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ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

At Angel's Landing Cotons, we are dedicated to raising healthy, happy, socialized puppies. We will be implementing the Puppy Culture Program with each new litter.  To learn more about the American Coton Club (ACC) and Puppy Culture, please click on the links below. 


Puppy Culture Program


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ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

The Coton de Tulear is a sweet, intellegent, breed, who's perfect day consists of nothing more than just being with you...  whether it's lying at your feet while you work, or going on a walk, they will be happy.  This small, sturdy dog was bred to be your companion.  They love doing what you do, just because they love being with you!  Somehow they can speak your language, as they make noises to get your attention, and cock their head as you speak to them, seeming to understand exactly what you are saying. 

The name Coton de Tulear comes from it's soft cotton-like coat and originating from the seaport city of Tulear, in Madagascar.  A reletavely new breed in the U.S., the first Coton was brought into the U.S. in 1974. 

A Coton is  an observant dog who quickly learns routines and adapts to it's owner's needs. They seem to sleep with one eye open, so they can follow if you leave the room.  When it's playtime, the Coton will grab his/her favorite toy and bring it to you for a playful & energetic game of fetch. They love to get outside, but their exercise needs aren't excessive.  Cotons love everyone! In fact, every time a new friend comes to visit, Halo will immediately go grab one of her toys and offer to play with them. 


Your Furever Friend

ACC Code of Ethics Breeder

Your Furever Friend

The Coton de Tulear is referred to as an “Anti-depressant” dog, and/or "Clown dog".  They always seem to find a way to make you smile!  They are goofy, athletic, empathetic, and inquisitive. They seem to be forever young, with their playful, loving disposition.  Cotons easily adapt to whatever your lifestyle entails.  They just want to be with you...  Our beloved, Halo, loves to hike, bike, run, play in the snow, and go cross country skiing, with our active  family.  And when it is time to snuggle... she is the best!

Being a non-shedding and "hypoallergenic" dog, they are the perfect choice for households who may suffer from dog allergies.  

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